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A Flowing River and a Tree
A Mighty Fortress
A Quote from Watchmen Nee
Abba Father Hear Our Cry
All for Jesus! All for Jesus!
All Hail the Pow'r
All is Well with Me
All Things Are Possible to Him
All-fitting Life
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound
And Can It Be That He Loved Me
And He Showed Me a River
And So I Sing
And the Spirit and the Bride Say Come
Arise My Soul Arise
Arise, My Soul, Arise
As For Me and My House
As For Me, I Will Call Upon God

Bebo De La Fuente
Begone, Unbelief
Behold How Good and How Pleasant It Is
Behold, the New Jerusalem Descends from God
Bless me Lord
Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
Blessed Are Those Who Wash Their Robes
Blessed Assurance
Blossom of Gold
Boaz and Ruth
Bread of Life
But Holding to Truth in Love
By the Blood of Christ the Victor

Call His Name in Every Place
Call, Call Won't You Call Jesus' Name
Cast Thou Thy Care Upon the Lord
Christ Has Come To Be Life
Christ Has Put on Human Nature
Christ Has Put on Human Nature (Intro)
Christ Has Put on Human Nature and Become a Man Like Me
Christ Is a Geniune Man
Christ Is God Incarnated
Christ is our light, our food, our air
Christ Is the Hope of Glory, My Very Life Is He
Christ Is The One Reality of All
Christ Liveth in Me
Christ Loved the Church
Christ My Very Peace Is
Christ Our Land
Christ Our Passover
Clap Your Hands
Cleansed in our Savior's Precious Blood
Come and Rejoice with Me
Come Let Us Speak
Come To The Waters
Come, Glorious Savior!
Come, Jesus, Lord with Holy Fire
Come, Leave Your Foolish Ways
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Conflict Today Is Fierce*
Create in Me a Clean Heart
Cristo Es Realidad

Day by Day
Dear Lord Jesus
Dear Lord, Thou Art So Much to Us
Dear Lord, Thou Art the Son of God
Dear Lord, Thou Art the Tree of Life
Dearest Lord You've Called Us Here
Dies Es Amor
Divine Romance
Do You Know?
Down from His Glory
Draw Me
Draw Me Dear Lord
Draw me, Lord
Drawn to the Cross
Drink a River
Drink! A River Pure and Clear That's Flowing from the Throne

Earthen Vessel I Was Made
El Es Tan Rico
Every Day's A New Beginning
Every New Day's a New Start
Every Verse Reveals Yourself to Me
Everybody Ought to Know
Everyone Who Believes
Exit (instrumental)

Fairest Lord Jesus!
Fallen, in Her Condition
Fallen, That's the Way We All Begin
Far, Far Behind Me
Father God, Thou Art the Source of Life
Father Now We Sing Our Praise
Father We Adore You
Father, Long Before Creation
Father, We Praise Thee for Thine Economy
Fight, Saints, for Jesus Our Lord
Fill Me with Thy Gracious Spirit
Fill My Cup, Lord
Five Thousand
Follow Me
For Just As the Days of Noah Were
From My Spirit Within Flows a Fountain of Life

Gathered in Thy name, Lord Jesus
Give Thanks Always
Give Up the World, Christ to Obtain
Glorious Church Life
Glorious, Mighty Name of Jesus
Glory Be to God
Glory Be to God the Father
Glory to His Name
Glory, Glory to the Father
Go On, Go On
God Is Light
God Is Love
God Is Love
God the Creator Became a God-man
God's Christ, Who Is My Righteousness
God's Economy and His Eternal Plan
God's Eternal Economy
God's Eternal Purpose
God's Intention Is to Have Us
Good Morning Lord Jesus
Good Morning, Dear Lord, Hallelujah!
Grace in Its Highest Definition Is
Grace! ’Tis a Charming Sound
Great Is the Lord
Green Hill
Guarda, Senor, Mi Corazon

Hallelujah to the Lamb!
Happy Is That People
Hark, the Savior’s Knocking
Hast Thou Heard Him, Seen Him, Known Him?
Having Been Regenerated Not of Corruptible Seed, but of Incorruptible
He Tells Me Guard Thy Heart
He Who Has the Son Has the Life
He Who Is Joined To The Lord
Healthy Words
Hebrews 4:12
He's A River of Water of Life
He's My Lord! He's My Lord!
He's the Spirit of Reality
Hidden Manna
His Name Is Wonderful
Holding to Truth in Love
How All-inclusive, Lord, Thou Art;
How Can I Ever Stay Away
How Glorious Is Thy Church
How Immeasureable the Love of Christ Is
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place
How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place!
How Marvelous! How Wonderful!
How Small Thou Art
How Sweet Is the Story of Christ’s Boundless Love
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
How Sweet, How Heav'nly Is the Sight
How We Love the Glorious Name
How Wonderful Redemption Is

I Am Breathing, Breathing
I Am Crucified with Christ
I Am Redeemed, but Not with Silver
I am The Bread of Life
I Am the Lord's
I Am the Vine
I Belong to Jesus
I Called Upon Thy Name, O Lord
I Cannot Breathe Enough
I Come to Thee, Dear Lord
I Count It Privilege Supreme
I Do Not Know
I Have a Friend, Whose Faithful Love
I Have a Savior, He's Pleading in Glory
I Have a Seed of Life in Me
I Have Fought the Good Fight
I Hear Thy Welcome Voice
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
I Know Not What Awaits Me
I Love God
I Love God, Because…
I Love Jesus
I Love My Lord, but with No Love of Mine
I Love the Word of God
I Love Thee, Jesus
I Love Thy Kingdom Lord
I Love You, Lord Jesus
I Need Thee Every Hour
I Need You, Jesus
I Nothing Am, Yet All Possess
I Surrender All
I Take Thy Promise
I Thirsted in the Barren Land of Babylon
I Too Was There
I Want to Be Filled
I Want to Tell You, Lord
I Will Enter His Gates
I Will Not Let Thee Go
If Anyone Therefore
If I Gained the World but Lost the Savior
If I Would Only Stray a Bit
If I'd Know Christ's Risen Power
If in All I Do
If Therefore You Were Raised
If We Would Love the Lord
If You Abide
I'm a Young God-man
I'm For the Lord! I'm Loving Jesus
I'm Going to Praise God Unceasingly
I'm in Love
I'm Pressing On the Upward Way
Immersed in Thy Love, This is My Rest Forever
In Bethany
In The Beginning
In the Bosom of the Father
In the Holiest Place
In the Stream! In the Stream!
In, In, In
Incarnation, Human Living, Crucifixion, Resurrection
Inside of You and Me
Intro (instrumental)
Introduction (speaking)
Isaiah 9:6
It is God's Commandment and It Is His Desire
It Is Well with My Soul
It Passeth Knowledge, That Dear Love of Thine
It's a Little Strange
It's the Life, Life, Life, That Makes Us Want to Shout
I've Found the One Who's All to Me
I've Got a Spirit

Jehovah's Loving Kindness
Jesus Beloved
Jesus Have We Heard
Jesus Lord
Jesus Lord I Just Love You (You've Attracted Me)
Jesus Lord, I Love You
Jesus Lord, I'm Captured by Thy Beauty
Jesus Lord, You're Our First Love
Jesus Precious Jesus
Jesus Won't You Come
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, O Living Word of God
Jesus, Thy Life Is Mine
John 4:24 (God is Spirit)
Joy of the Lord
Just As I Am
Just One Touch of You Dear Lord
Just to Be in You


Lay Up His Words
Let Me Love and Not Be Respected
Let Me Stand behind You, Lord
Let the North Wind Blow
Let the Word of Christ
Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly
Let's Go On!
Life Is God the Father
Life's Too Short to Waste a Single Day
Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, Through Me
Living for Jesus a Life That Is True
Lo! in Heaven Jesus Sitting
Long for the Pure Milk
Lord I Give My Heart To You
Lord I Love You More Today
Lord Jesus Christ, Our Heart Feels Sweet
Lord Jesus, l Love You
Lord Jesus, You're Lovely
Lord Take My Life, I Give It Lord To You
Lord Thou Art God's Anointed
Lord You Are My Joy
Lord, Deeper Make Thy Home in Me
Lord, How I Thank You That You Died
Lord, How I Thank You That You Died
Lord, How Long, Dear Bridegroom
Lord, I Give Myself to You Right Now
Lord, I Just Love You
Lord, I Love You More and More Each Day
Lord, I Pursue
Lord, I Seek Your Will
Lord, I Treasure the Sweet Flow of Life
Lord, I Would Have Thyself in all Thy Beauty
Lord, Keep My Heart
Lord, Now I See
Lord, the Ancient Types and Symbols
Lord, the King of Kings Art Thou
Lord, There's Always Been One Person
Lord, This Light
Lord, Thou Are a Potter Skilled
Lord, Thou Art All the Offerings
Lord, Thou Art the "Seed of woman,"
Lord, Thou Didst Know
Lord, Thou Hast Won
Lord, Thou Hast Won, At Length I Yield
Lord, Thou Wilt Soon Appear
Lord, Thou Wilt Soon Appear
Lord, Thy Name Is Called Jesus
Lord, Today Cover Me
Lord, When the Father Ne'er Was Known
Lord, You Are More Precious
Lord, You Are My Only Goal
Lord, You Have Searched Me
Lord, You Were in the Temple Teaching All the People
Lord, Your Return
Love The Lord
Loved with Everlasting Love
Lovers of Christ
Loving Not Their Soul-life (excerpt)

Make Me Wholly Thine
Making Home in My Heart
Man of God
Man's Creator Has a Purpose
Many Crowd the Savior's Kingdom
Many Weary Years…
Mary Poured Out Her Love Offering
More of Our Heart Dear Lord We'd Give You Now
Morning Dawn Had Arisen
My Beloved
My Dearest Lord
My Father God, when on Thy Vast Creation
My Goal Is God Himself
My Heart Belongs to Jesus
My Heart Is Hungry, My Spirit Doth Thirst
My King Will Soon Come Back Again
My Life, My Love, I Give to Thee
My Song Shall Be of Jesus
My Stubborn Will At Last Hath Yielded
My Will Is Weak

Nearer Each Day To Me
Necesitas A Jesus
Never Did I Dream Before
New Day, New Start
No Mortal Tongue Can E'er Describe
Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord
None of Self and All of Thee
Not By Bread Alone
Not Poquito, nor Kidogo
Nothing Can Content Me More
Nothing's Quite So Precious
Now Is Come Salvation and Strength
Now on the Last Day

O Christ, He Is the Fountain
O Glorious Christ, Savior Mine
O God and Father
O God and Father, We Our Praises Bring
O God of Glory
O God, Thou Art the Source of Life
O How Deep and How Far-Reaching
O I'm a Man
O Jesus Christ, Grow Thou in Me
O Jesus, Jesus, Dearest Lord
O Jesus, Jesus, Wonderful Jesus
O Lord Thou Art in Me As Life
O Lord We Praise You
O Lord, As We consider Thee
O Lord, Breathe Thy Spirit on Me
O Lord, How Rich Thou Art to Us
O Lord, Thou Art in Me as Life
O Lord, Thou Art Our Paraclete
O Lord, Thou Art the Alpha
O Lord, Thou Art the Spirit
O Love, That Will Not Let Me Go
O the Riches
O Tide of Love
Oh God Thou Art My God
Oh He's the Wonderful Spirit in Us
Oh How Deep and How Far-reaching (Reprise)
Oh Lord We're Just For Your Flowing
Oh Lord, You’re Breath to Me
Oh Who's Like Our Jesus?
Oh, the Bitter Shame and Sorrow
Oh, the Church of Christ Is Glorious
Oh, the Joy
Oh, Ven Y Bebe
Oh, What a Life! Oh, What a Peace!
On the Table of Thy Love
Once Born into Marriage
Once By Nature We Were Dead in Sin
Once It Was the Blessing
One Day So Desperate For You
One New Man Is the Father's Plan
One Thing Have I Desired
One With Thee
One with Thee
Only You
Our Father, as the Evergreen
Our God Is Processed. He's the Triune One

Philippians 3:13-14
Por Eso Le Amo
Praise Him! Praise Him! Christ Is Victor!
Praise the Lord, God Sent His Son
Praise the Lord, We're in the Lord's Recovery
Pray to Fellwship with Jesus
Precious, Precious Blood of Jesus
Psalm 23
Pursue Him!

Que dia tan feliz
Quiero Tocarte Senor

Rain on Me
Recall How David Swore
Redeemed, Redeemed
Rejoice In The Lord
Remove My Covering, Lord
Rescue the Perishing
Rise up, my love
Rivers of Living Water

Savior, Lead Me Up the Mountain
Secondhand Savior
Seek the Lord While He May Be Found
Since Long Ago at Bethany We Parted
Since Thy Departure from Olivet's Mountain
Sing A Song of Joy
Sing for Joy to the Lord
Sing Praise to Christ Who Lives in Us
Sing, Oh, Sing of My Redeemer
Something Every Heart Is Loving
Something to Sing About
Sound Ye the Trumpet-Call
Speak to Me Lord
Special Vessel
Spirit and Life
Splendid Church Life! His Green Garden!
Spring Up Well with Water
Strength for the Day

Take My Life, and Let It Be
Take Time to Behold Him
Tell Me Not of Earthly Pleasures
Thank You Lord in Your Eyes We Find Grace
Thank You, Lord Jesus, For Dying For Me
The All-Inclusive Death of Christ
The Bible Is God's Breath
The Blood of the Lamb (excerpt)
The Church Is Christ's Deep Longing
The Cleasing Stream I See, I See
The Gift of Righteousness Is Measured in Abundance
The Godman Life
The Good Shepherd
The Grace that Motivates the Apostle
The Lord Is Flowing
The Lord Is My Light and Salvation
The Lord Is My Shepherd
The Lord Is Now The Spirit
The Lord Is Rich
The Lord Is Rich to All
The Lord of All Has Shown His Plan
The Lord Shall Get the Glory
The Lord Takes Care of You
The Love of Christ Is Now Constraining Me
The Love of God and the Grace of Christ
The Maker of the Universe
The More We Call
The Name of Jesus Is Our Stand
The Son with the Father by the Spirit
The Spirit of God Today
The Triune God and the Person and the Work of Christ
The Triune God, a Mystery
The Way To Let Him In
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
The Word of Their Testimony (excerpt)
There Are Three Kinds of Life in Our Existence Today
There Is a Body in the Universe
There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
There Is a Name I Love to Hear
There Is a Song within Me
Therefore the Redeemed
Therefore Watch
Therefore with Joy
There's a Gospel of Today
There's a Man in the Glory
There's a Man Who Died to Set Us Free
There's a Race for Us to Run -- Hallelujah
There's A Spirit in Man
This Divine Romance
This Is My Rest Forever
This Is the Day
This Opportunity
Thou Art All My Life, Lord
Thou Art Fairer Than the Morning
Thou Art God's Testimony, Lord
Thou Art the Rock Everlasting
Thou Art the Son Beloved
Thou Art the Sun of Righteousness
Thou Breath from Still Eternity
Thou Magnet of My Soul
Thou, Lord, to God Art Precious
Through Christ a Thousand Times in Bethlehem Be Born
Through the Cross, O Lord, I Pray
Thy Dwelling-place, O Lord, I Love
Thy Life Was Giv'n for Me
Thy Mighty Love
Thy Name Is As Ointment Poured Forth
Thy Name Is Sweet As Ointment Poured Forth
Thy Word Is Sweet Unto My Taste
Thy Word Is Very Pure
Thy Words Were Found
To God Be the Glory Great Things He Hath Done
To Jesus Everyday We Find Our Hearts Are Closer Drawn
To Live a Life
Touching Jesus Is All That Really Matters

Up from the Grave He Arose!
Utterly Abandoned

Vengo, Jesus, A Ti
Victory Through Christ's Ressurection

We Are Feeding on the Living Bread
We Are Gathering Together Unto Him
We Are Washed
We Do Not Lose Heart
We Gather Together
We Have an Inner Life
We Have Found Reality Within
We Have Oil in Our Lamps
We Love the Church Life!
We Love You, Lord We Love You
We Praise Thee, Glorious Father
We Praise Thee, O God
We See a Picture of the Triune God
We Treasure with Affection
We Will Be the Overcomers*
We're In the Local Church
We're the River-crossers, Hebrews Is Our Name
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
What a Happy Day
What a Victory!
What a Wonderful Savior
What a Wondrous Fact, I'm Crucified with Christ
What About My Sinful Past
What Can Wash Away My Sin?
What He Is: He's the Father
What Made You Die for Me?
What Miracle! What Mystery!
What Release the Savior Gave Me
What Shall I Give Unto the Lord
When the Lord Turned Again the Captivity of Zion
When This Passing World Is Done
When Thou Wakest in the Morning
Wherever You Go
Whoever Receives
Why Does It Take Us So Long
Why Not Now


Years I Spent in Sorrow 'round the Cross
You May Have Life
Your Face Melts Me